Why You Should Buy A BMW 335i E92

Hey guys and welcome to my new car! In this video I want to introduce you to my new project and explain why I bought a BMW 335 Coupe M-Sport e92. Oh yeah and it’s VERY BROKEN.


I have been looking for a winter project for a while now and it came to my surprise when I saw how affordable these coupes have gotten. If you want an inexpensive, well equipped and fast car, you can’t go wrong with a 2 door BMW like this. For the money, you cannot find another platform that offers so much power, luxury, sportiness and still relevant in the modern world. Even though it’s getting harder, you can still find a nice stock car that hasn’t been messed with too much. In most cases the stock cars are a lot more reliable and were driven not as harshly. I wouldn’t recommend waiting much longer as these are getting more and more affordable and bought by the younger crowd who will mod, crash and have a time of their lives in these cars, but that also means the price on a nice, sorted one will just go up like it did on the e36 and the e48 platforms. With the very nice leather interiors, great sound systems and lots of power, the time to buy is now.

Future Classic:

In my opinion, this car will become a feature classic. The e92 platform is almost 15 years old, but it does not feel like a 15-year-old car at all. It still looks modern and stylish even without any modifications while having the classic proportions and styling. It’s simple but elegant and you will turn around and look at it – smiling – each time you walk away. You will be surprised how many compliments you will get in this beautiful car. It’s also the all-around driving machine, with nimble handling, sport suspension and that amazing weighted hydraulic steering that gives you that famous BMW Ultimate Driving Experience. Take one for a drive, experience it yourself and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The timeless design with normal sized kidney grills, luxurious interior, great driving characteristics and partially still a machine rather than a computer, owning one never gets old or boring.


The N55 engine in this car is pretty much a German 2JZ, so it’s easy to get lots of power out of them. Since this engine is so common on many BMWs and so popular with enthusiasts, the choices for modifications are endless and affordable. Just checking a couple websites, you will see 5 or more different options for intercoolers, mufflers, downpipes, charge pipes and other common mods. If you compare this to my BMW Z4, there are 2 options available for a muffler and both are at least twice as expensive as on the 335. These engines are still very relevant and used on many modern BMWs so they have great support from the aftermarket manufacturer, but also have been around long enough to have a great community built around them. With many Youtube do-it-yourself videos, forum discussions with technical know-hows and Facebook groups with fitment confirmations, finding help on fixing pretty much any problem or modifying your car any way you want is easier than ever.

To accompany the physical mods, there are tons of tunes available for these cars and of course the more companies compete in this space the better the prices. You can get a downpipe from one company, intake from another and your tune from another still and all of it will most likely work pretty well together in the end. You can reach almost any horsepower you like starting at simple tunes getting you extra 30-40 horsepower to 450 or more horsepower with a few bolt-ons and higher-octane fuel.


The last and most important reason for me is that I’ve had one of these in the past! I loved BMWs since I was a little kid and remember seeing an orange e93 parked by the park, it became my dream car. Then about 9 years ago, I looked into BMWs after owning a few very boring cars and as an adult I got into one and drove it for the first time, I was hooked. I never worked on or owned a BMW car before that and it being my first, I learned so much about cars, what it is to drive and to own and take care of a beast like this. I sold the car after owning it for 4 years and regretted it ever since. I love coupes with a little bit of attitude and this one checks all the boxes.


In conclusion, there are many reasons to buy a BMW 335 coupe of this generation, but there are also a few major reasons why you can get a $60,000 car for a fraction of the original price. These cars do require a lot of maintenance once they get older and can be hit or miss as far as reliability goes so resale isn’t great after a few years. If you’re getting one of these, you better be an enthusiast, love working on cars and know how to keep up with maintenance before and especially after you tune it. Luckily there are tons of good YouTube channels working on these cars, so don’t forget to subscribe and follow this rebuild/build project. If you are willing to put up with all of this, you can turn this platform into a MONSTER which you won’t be able to let go.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why am I not driving this car and that’s because it’s hiding, not so well (better wording needed), a HUGE issue. As you can see it has relieved itself from all of the oil and it sounds something like this. I’ve very excited to start working on this beast and bring you along with me! Check out my next video to see EVERYTHING that’s wrong with this car and what I plan on doing about it!