BMW 3 Series (E92) Reverse Camera Install DIY

After installing the wireless CarPlay on my BMW 335i, the only thing that was missing was the reverse camera. Fortunately, this was a very easy add on thanks to the add-on I had already installed in the camera. This $35 dollar camera functions as you would expect and has great quality for the price. Install took me about 90 minutes total and it’s definitely worth it to make the car a lot more modern. Hope it helps you install yours as well!

2 Replies to “BMW 3 Series (E92) Reverse Camera Install DIY”

  1. Chris

    Nice guide, thanks! One question though, where did you use ground for the camera? Or is this somehow grounded and you only need to add power from the CarPlay box?

    • SimpleCarGuyAdmin Post author

      Hi Chris, you can ground the camera to basically anything on the vehicle. I just used a bolt that was near by. Obviously it has to be a bolt that goes to the body of the car thus eventually to the negative terminal on the battery.


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