15 Hidden Features – Porsche Boxster 981

I have always been a fan of the Porsche Boxster and when I had a chance to drive it for a couple of days, I wanted to experience it to the fullest, see what were the hidden features and things I didn’t know about this Porsche 981 Boxster. How many of these quirks did you know and what came as a surprise to you? I was really impressed with the rev matching feature and how quick the roof went up and down. It also came to my surprise that you can’t easily see the engine, even though this car is meant for enthusiasts. I hope you enjoyed learning about the lesser know features and leave a comment with other Porsche fun facts!

Porsche Boxster 981 – First Impressions

As a fan of roadsters and sports cars, I had to check out a Porsche Boxster 981 for myself to see if it was any better than my BMW Z4. As I drove the Porsche, I took videos here and there so that you can see my genuine first impression of this Boxster and not a scripted video after doing research on the car and seeing what others think. I wanted to come in with a clean slate to see what the acceleration felt like, how did the car handle through tight corners and on regular roads. Was it comfortable and pleasant to drive? I tried to answer all those questions as well as give you some good scenery as I’m driving through some wavy roads. I also liked how this car had no rattles and felt very solid for a 5 year old car. Handling in this midengine car is of course outstanding and it has a lot more storage than you’d think.