Porsche Boxster 981 – First Impressions

As a fan of roadsters and sports cars, I had to check out a Porsche Boxster 981 for myself to see if it was any better than my BMW Z4. As I drove the Porsche, I took videos here and there so that you can see my genuine first impression of this Boxster and not a scripted video after doing research on the car and seeing what others think. I wanted to come in with a clean slate to see what the acceleration felt like, how did the car handle through tight corners and on regular roads. Was it comfortable and pleasant to drive? I tried to answer all those questions as well as give you some good scenery as I’m driving through some wavy roads. I also liked how this car had no rattles and felt very solid for a 5 year old car. Handling in this midengine car is of course outstanding and it has a lot more storage than you’d think.