BMW R Nine T Oil Change DIY

Whether you are changing your own oil to same money or because you want to make sure it will be done right, it’s important to follow all the steps and use quality products! Your BMW R NineT will thank you at the end! In this video, I will be draining the old oil on my Motorrad, replacing the oil filter and the oil plug gasket and of course adding 4 liters of Liqui Moly 15w-50. I will also show you how to measure and make sure that you have added the correct amount of oil to your bike and talk about all the specs and torque specs as we go! You will need some tools such as the torque wrench, 8 mm hex socket and the oil filter tool (76 mm x 12 flutes). I wouldn’t start this job without these!

2 Replies to “BMW R Nine T Oil Change DIY”

  1. joel brown

    Hi SCG – I’m curious if you’re in the Chicago area because I have an I3/w range extender that’s been flashed, however I think you have access to more options than have been set on my vehicle?
    Thanks, Joel

    • SimpleCarGuyAdmin Post author

      Hi Joel,
      Yes, I’m in the Chicago area. What kind of options are you missing? I can help you get those done if anything.


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