BMW i3 H&R Lowering Springs, Spacers and New Wheels

Now that I have owned my BMW i3 for a couple of months, I have learned its shortcomings when driving the car outside of the city. Of course, I know that the BMW i3 was designed for and is meant to be driven in a city, but with the increased price of gas, I started using it on the highway as well since I have the REx model. What I’ve learned is going 75+ MPH the car would feel a little unstable and if there was any wind or heavy rain, you’d have to hold the wheel with both hands just to keep it going straight and not bounce around the lane. This didn’t feel like a proper BMW to me, so I had to do something. Luckily there are a few solutions to help with this. So, in this video I replace the stock springs with H&R lowering springs that are especially designed for the BMW i3 REx, add 12.5mm (rear), 10mm (front) spacers and put on top of the line wheels. It made a huge difference in how the car looks and more importantly how it drives. It feels amazingly stable, planted and does not lane wonder. I’m more than happy with the results.