Top 10 Useful Lexus RC Hidden Features

Top 10 Useful Lexus RC Hidden Features


Hi guys and welcome back to the SimpleCarGuy channel. Today we will talk about some hidden features, tips and tricks and things you may not have known about the Lexus RC range!

If you have been driving a Lexus for years, I’m sure you already know most of these and I’d love to hear some I haven’t mentioned in the comments down below. If you are new to the brand, stick around and I hope you enjoy the video.

Things you didn’t know:

Chassis Construction:

The Lexus RC is a little bit of an assortment of parts, but in the best way possible. It borrows it’s front subframe from the larger GS, midsection from the old IS250 convertible and the rear section comes from the 3rd gen IS. This makes for a great handling car that has a shorter wheelbase than the IS, but the body is just as long. To be clear, I know this is a unibody car and there isn’t a chassis as such.

Moving Instrument Cluster:

The first thing you notice on this car as soon as you start it up is how cool the dashboard is. I love mechanical things and this makes me very happy in how it moves so mechanically but yet so modern at the same time.

The Roof Panel:

Next is the roof. The roof panel on the RC range is not traditionally welded or clued on like on many other cars, its actually laser welded using a laser brazing technique to provide better rigidity and eliminate rain channels for a smoother appearance.

Vortex Emulators:

Speaking of smoother appearance, this car has these little fins all over called the vortex emulators that create a spiraling vortex or cone of air to reduce drag. It does this  by lowering the levels of adhesion as air leave the body. Very cool!

RC stands for radical coupe:

[Point to emblem] Now this is something I just learned recently when starting to read about this car. The RC in RC300 stands for Radical Coupe.

Rear Seats:

Actually usable. I can easily go in and out and can be lowered almost flat.

Hidden Features:

Mirror Tilt:

A not so obvious but useful features on the RC is the mirror adjustments. Of course, you can normally adjust your mirrors, but what if you don’t like how they behave when you are in reverse. Luckily, Lexus allows you to change how far the mirror goes down when in reverse. Once in reverse, simply select the mirror you would like to adjust and the next time you put the car in reverse, it will be set to where you want them.

Traction Control:

You can fully disable the traction control and on the F cars put it in track mode by selecting sport plus mode and then holding the traction button until the dash lights up.

MODE button:

Want to turn off the stereo without taking your hands off the steering wheel? Simply hold the MODE button and the radio will turb of fin a few seconds. You can use it to turn it back on again as well.

Extra Tilt:

Tap the steering wheel tilt button 4 times in any direction and it will give you more tilt; it works after the tilt is at its max and gives it more tilt. Hopefully, that makes sense.

When you’re moving your power adjustable steering wheel down and it stops, don’t give up, you can actually lower it farther. After the steering wheel stops, continue holding the down button for six seconds. Push it down again, and the steering wheel should go even lower.

Physical Key:

You can pull out the physical key and open the door behind the handle.

Lower Windows and Sunroof with Key:

Your key can also lower all windows, open the sunroof and start the engine on some cars IF you ask your dealer nicely to unlock that feature for you. Press the lock button 3 times and hold on 3rd  press for 5 seconds to start the engine and if you do the same combo but with the unlock button it will lower all windows open the sunroof.

Rev Matching/Downshift Blip:

Sun visor:

 Telescoping sunvisor


I’ll be honest, I was surprised that I was able to find any hidden features on a Lexus as these are more known for making awesome daily drivers with the comfort and reliability that’s unmatched in this space. Luckily there were a few interesting ones to mention and I hope you enjoyed learning with me. I’d love to hear from the owners, I know there aren’t that many of you and see what you have to see. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one!

Lexus RC is the Most Niche Lexus Ever and YOU Should Buy One!


I’m the SimpleCarGuy and this is a Lexus RC300 F Sport. Let’s talk about why this is such a niche car, why it’s not more popular and why you should you look into getting one.

Let’s start with a little bit of background and history. The RC is a little bit of a Frankenstein when it comes to its creation and construction. The front subframe was borrowed from the larger GS car, the mid-section was borrowed from the old IS250 convertible and it shares the rear section with the 3rd generation Lexus IS. All of this adds up to a shorter wheelbase but same length car as the IS that handles wonderfully. Surprisingly, you can pick almost any engine you can think of for this type of car. You can have a fuel-efficient hybrid, a 4 or 6 cylinder and even a naturally aspirated V8 in the RCF.

Why It’s Niche/Unique

So, what makes this car unique? Well, look at this spaceship like instrument cluster! This is so much cooler than a fully digital dash on modern cars. Anyway… the biggest factor that makes this car unique is actually the styling. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely not dull like a lot of other pedestrian Lexus vehicles on the market. Most people love how it looks and you will even catch people starring or complimenting it. I especially like the RCF and the F Sport styling that gives the car a more aggressive look. Of course, not everyone agrees with me on this and there are plenty of people that absolutely hate how this car looks. Honestly, I’m not really sure why, the only styling decision that I think looks funny on this car is the wheel gap. That’s just too much gap for a sports car and it would look much nicer lowered an inch or two.

Either way you look at it, it’s most definitely rare on the road and you will get attention. I live in the Chicago area and I don’t think I see more than one a month driving around. So, if your goal is to stand out from a sea of BMWs and Mercedes and be your own king of the road, this might be a great option for you.

What else makes this car unique is that it makes for a decent daily driver. It may not have as much space as the 4 door IS, but it’s much more versatile than it may first appear. Front passengers get to enjoy plenty of leg space, very comfortable sport seats and great ergonomics. The rear seats fold down creating a large trunk space where you can fit large suit cases, skis or snowboards and whatever else you may need. Of course, this isn’t a family car, but if it’s just you and your significant other at home, it will make for a great daily driver.

Not more popular:

Now, there are a lot of reasons why this car is not more popular and hasn’t sold in the millions, so let’s talk about those.

To start with, this is a heavy car. I don’t mean it’s just a little but heavy, it’s heavier than a lot of 4 door luxury sedans and unfortunately, that also means that it’s not as fast as it’s competition. Coming in at almost 4000 pounds, it cannot complete when it comes to performance with others in the segment. It also doesn’t help that it’s more expensive than the competition and lacks aftermarket power modifications. We’ll talk more about performance and reliability in just a minute.

Another reason the Lexus RC is not more popular is because Lexus makes some really good-looking sedans and SUVs that are just as fast and even use the same engines as the RC range. Lexus is a luxury brand that tried adding performance to its lineup and change the perception where no one really thinks of Lexus when thinking of a 2-door coupe. Lacking the most modern and up-to-date technology doesn’t help attract younger buyers either.

On top of that, the sales of sedans and coupes are down because everyone wants a truck or SUV. There is a market for a small, fun, lightweight stick shift weekend car but generally that’s geared towards the younger crowd with no family or kids and usually no money. I’m sure Lexus sees no reason to chase a diminishing market which is proven by the lack of advertisement. Lexus isn’t really known for doing a great job advertising their performance models and it’s no different with the RC range.

Performance vs Reliability:

So, if you aren’t getting the latest tech or fastest 0-60, what are you actually getting? What you get is very high quality, comfort and super reliability in a fun package. Lexus doesn’t use the latest tech until it is proven to be reliable and useful to the owners. Lexus doesn’t use latest engine tech until it is proven to withstand time and stay reliable way past the warranty periods. Lexus simply will not put anything in their car that they aren’t 100% sure about.

Aftermarket parts that are readily available for other brands are limited and expensive, so making it faster on your own isn’t very easy. Outside of enthusiasts, most people are looking for instant gratification and it may not be something that Lexus RC can deliver.


With all of that said, I think Lexus RC is one of the coolest, most fun and interesting cars produced by Lexus and I’ll be said to see it go as it’s being discontinued in different parts of the world and soon people will realize what they have been missing. Now is the perfect time to go and find one for yourself despite what car nerds think about its performance. It’s all relative to your expectations and since some models are making 300 and more horsepower, it may meet your needs very well. Even thought there were pricey when they came out, you can now get all that comfort, luxury, sportiness and most importantly reliability for a very decent price. I believe these will become even cooler over time even if they don’t have a convertible version like I always wanted. On that note, thank you guys so much for watching, let me know what you think of the Lexus RC range in the comments down below and I’ll see you in the next one!