BMW R Nine T Belly Pan Install

After installing the carbon fiber headlight fairing and the engine cover, I’m now adding the belly pan to my BMW R Nine T! This would go perfect on the scrambler and of course on the roadster like mine. Not only does it protect the engine and helps with air dynamics, it also looks great! Installing the belly pan is easy and only took me about 10 minutes without any special tools. You will only need a 4 and 5 Hex sockets to complete this job.

BMW R Nine T DB Killer Mod

BMW R Nine T has a refined and impressive sounding horizontally opposing twin cylinder engine, but as with most enthusiast vehicles, we want more! In this video, I’m doing my first mod on the bike and the goal is to make the exhaust sound just a little louder and better. I’m removing the DB killers from the Akrapovic mufflers which gives the exhaust note a throatier sound and a lot more depth. I show how to remove the DB killers (exhaust baffle) and the the different of how it sounds before and after giving you more sound for free.