How to Program TPMS Sensors on BMW

Have you had your tire pressure sensor fail and you’ve been driving with the TPMS light on your dash? Have you installed aftermarket wheels and tires and your tire pressure monitoring system no longer works? Well, in this video I will show you how to program CGSULIT TS01 sensors (also works with Autel MX-Sensor) using TPMS80 programming tool. There are 4 different methods that can be used depending on your situation. 1. You can scan/activate the old sensors, copy the Sensor ID and then program it to the new sensors. Best used if old sensors will be disposed of. 2. Manually enter Sensor ID from the old sensor into the tool and then program it into the sensor. Also best used if old TPMS sensors are no longer needed. 3. Use the tool to scan the TPMS module on the vehicle and retrieve the sensor information from the car itself. Then use the sensor ID information to program new sensors. This works great on BMWs, but other cars may not store this information in the module. 4. Activate new sensors and program them with new sensor IDs. Then update the module on your BMW with the new sensor IDs. This is best if keeping 2 sets of tires and wheels as there will be no duplicates and the car won’t be confused. Whichever method you use, take your BMW or any other car you are working on for a drive after and within 10 minutes it should be fully recognized by the car’s computer and your TPMS light will go off. I installed 4 new sensors on my BMW Z4 as I have installed m437 (BMW M3, M4) wheels on the car and the sensors were not compatible with my older BMW Z4.